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Temps are people, too

Life is temporary.

Dramatic, yes. But that statement never feels as true as it does when your whole life is contained in boxes in your parent’s basement. Being in college, being in your 20’s, it’s all so….temporary. You’re moving out (gradually), everything you own fits into the back of your Ford Escape, and no where you are ever feels like it’s sticking for very long. All those short-lived part-time jobs stack up until you’re not even putting them on your resume anymore, part-time turns into full-time turns into career, and even moving up usually means only a couple years of permanence, maybe a few if you’re lucky.

Here’s the thing, though: maybe temporary isn’t good in the long run, but right now, when you’re young and your whole life is ahead of you, sometimes it feels pretty damn good. Nothing to tie you down, a whole world of possibilities and opportunities at your fingertips – life feels like it stretches out in front of you, not behind. And yeah, maybe those boxes and bins won’t ever quite get unpacked before they’re back in your SUV again. But hey, the next time you’re struggling to jam all those boxes into that trunk, at least you know they’re headed down the road to bigger and better things. Moving on will always be a whole lot better than getting stuck. So maybe let’s choose the temporary, after all.


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