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And tonight, I wear my Hermes.

Until very recently, I thought the fact that I owned a $44 Coach clutch was a REALLY big deal. After years of searching for great sale-finds and typically only buying one article of clothing from a store at a time, I finally gave in to what (I mistakenly believed) was the inevitable. I got a designer item. Nevermind that I bought this item from an outlet mall in the middle of Missouri. It was brand-name recognizable, it was beautiful, and it was mine. I owned an unnecessary material item and it felt good.

No longer.

In yet another example of my generally total innocence towards much of what is going on when I’m not around, I know people who own both (a) Chanel bags and (b) Hermes scarves. People who frequent Marc Jacobs and BCBG Maximara (Is that even right?!?). $355 for a scarf? No problem. I’m only 21. And I mean, it all goes on my parent’s bill, so what do I care?

Daddy’s credit card aside, I am still REELING over this discovery. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched every episode of The Hills, and I even (GASP!) own some Laguna Beach DVDS, but I didn’t think this shit was ACTUALLY REAL. My sad, naive, little fasionista-lacking self naturally assumed that this was simply a Sex and the City, gossip column -fabricated existence.

BUT NO, there are really those out there who drop hundreds for SCARVES and then brag about it on their blogs. I mean, feeding the hungry? Earning your own money? Appreciating the little things in life instead of indulging in excess? Nope.

Damn, I feel like such a sad little match girl…minus the death part. Well, and my comparatively luxurious middle-class life. But still. Not enough. We must die for fashion (or at least wipe out our bank accounts), after all.


July 4, 2008 at 5:48 am 1 comment

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