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Something that doesn’t suck.


I. Love. Christmas.

There’s just something about a holiday that involves a thousand different traditions, societal and familial (big-ish words anyone?), that’s so comforting. No matter what’s going on in life, come December (or October now, it seems), the red and green come out, the trees go up, and the mall gets so packed you seriously consider assuming the fetal position right in the middle of several too-tiny-to-move memorobilia-no-one-really-wants-but-it’s-christmas-so-its-the-thought-that-counts stores.  Mmmm, I’ll even take that, if it means family traditions and shiny new toys.  It even makes the cold bearable.

That said, a few things to impart on you all this holiday season:

(a) Hope your holidays are wonderful, no matter where you are.
(b) Don’t see 4 Christmases, it’s an awful excuse for a holiday movie.
(c) My family has an annual family euchre (it’s a card game) tournament.  Just thought I’d share that with the internet world.
(d) Be merry, because we all have a lot to be thankful for, even with things the way they are now.  🙂

Stay Christmas classy, world.  And Happy Holidays.


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Snowflakes keep fallin’ on my….blog

Snow!  On my page!  Thanks wordpress!

That said, I’m not a Winter person.  Around this time of year, a few things generally happen like clock-work:  (a) I am caught completely and totally off-guard by the sudden on-set of biting cold, (b) I pitch inner fits pretty much daily when I am forced to leave any place of warmth, and (c) I get sick and lose my voice.

But what I AM, is a Holiday person.  Every night-time car ride is like a pleasant surprise — lights go up, trees get decorated….cue giddyness.  You know those people who ALWAYS complain about the holidays starting too early?  I say, let Walgreens put their Christmas aisle up as early as they’d like – we can all use a little more early cheer.  Not to mention hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

Got any good gift ideas? Take a second and post them for me….I need ideas and I’m curious as to who is reading this blog.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

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