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We are America!!….??

So, it’s Olympics time again. I’m at the age now where watching the Olympics is getting to be exciting and easier to follow – until now it was never really something I necessarily went out of my way to watch, just when it happened to be on.

That said, this Olympics is bringing up a TON of issues that are kind of fun/interesting to think about. Such as:
1. Does the rest of the world thing the U.S. act as cocky and un-classy as the Men’s Gymnastics Team makes us look on TV?
2. If other countries had the economic and social advantages we have in the U.S., would our dominance be less prominent?
3. Are the Chinese women gymnasts really 16? [NBC actually used the term ‘quote unquote’ when referring to their ages, saying viewers could ‘decide for themselves’ on the authenticity of those claims.]
4. How many of these young kids chose to do what they’re doing, and how many just got put in it and happened to be good? And does it really even matter?

Just thoughts. For lack of a better entry, or the energy/brain power to come up with something better, if we’re being honest. Which, clearly, we are.

Enjoy the Games, Yay America.


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