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Things Jill HaTeS(!) #1

Internet Dating Tributes

There is nothing that irks me more than the all-too-common boyfriend- (or even on occasion girlfriend-) shoutout.

These shoutouts and tributes to someone’s ‘one and only!’ can be found all over the internet, particularly the popular social networking sites facebook and myspace.  Young girls and guys in budding relationships (and in most cases, in need of some attention/self-esteem), love nothing more than to declare their love! for their significant other AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

The most common ways to sufficiently express your love include:
(a) The ‘interests’ section
“Hi, I’m Suzy!  My interests include dogs, reading, the beach, obscure Indian tapestries, and of course my AMAZING BOYFRIEND TOM!!!!!!!!!”
(b) The ‘about me’ section
“I’m just a fun-loving girl who loves to meet new people, travel to exotic countries, participate in live-action role playing games, and of course spend time with my AMAZING BOYFRIEND TOM!!!!!!!!!!!”
(c) Any other section you can think of
“My music faves are Miley Cirus, Jonas Bros, Avril, Hilary, and now Coldplay thanks to my AMAZING BOYFRIEND TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The more exclamation points, the better.

Editor’s note: I try not to be a negative person (’tis not good for the soul), but I just find some things obnoxious, okay?  Take this all with a grain of salt….I’m not a vicious person, promise.


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