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Ain’t nothin but wordssss

#1 on my list of things people should learn how to do:


In literally every aspect of life, communication would make everything a whole lot easier.  War, sex, drugs (okay, maybe not drugs actually)..inter-personal relationships in general, though, could use a new definition of the word communicating.  I mean, open communication doesn’t actually exist.  Ever.  No matter how much you can say, ‘I could tell that person anything!’ you never actually do.  There’s always something with everyone that just isn’t ever said.  And in most cases, that something is a whole lot bigger than ‘I don’t like those shoes you’re wearing.’

Maybe this isn’t the worst thing.  Maybe I don’t want to know that my best friend doesn’t agree with everything I do or say.  But when you don’t say one thing, that one thing can quickly become a big thing, or a lot of things.  And call me crazy, but no matter how much I don’t like criticism, I don’t like the aftermath of the many things that haven’t been said a lot more.

Like many things in life, I’m probably never going to have a solution for this.  I’m also probably never going to stop not telling everyone everything.  But maybe if we all just got a little better at saying what was on our minds and dealing with it before it became an issue, the world could get just a little better, a step at a time.  ((Ignore how cheesy it is to end this post here.))


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