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Read, little Johnny. Read.

The movie industry is, in my opinion, becoming out of control.  And not in a wow-there-are-so-many-big-budget-movies-out-right-now!! kind of way.  More like an are-there-no-original-ideas-in-the-world? kind of way.

Case in point:  the INDIE movie theatre in my area is playing Indiana Jones.  Now, yes, this may be the decision of that particular theatre – but 6 months ago there were hardly any big budget movies playing in said theatre – not to mention big budget action films.  Indiana Jones #4?  Really?

Even more bothersome is the increasing number of movies being ripped off of books.  To be fair, this is something I’ve had a problem with for years.  It’s like those kids everyone knows (or is) who watch the movie version to get by without reading the book.  ‘Why read the book when I could watch the movie?’ has always bothered me.  

A study released just last November by the National Endowment for the Arts found ‘startling declines’ in the number and proficiency of Americans reading books.  [NPR discussion about the study here]  Now, personally, I’ve always lived with a book in my purse at all times – it doesn’t have to be the most intelligent piece of literature ever made, but just to be reading makes you a better person – and that’s not just my opinion.

So why aren’t we reading anymore?  The answer isn’t hard.  How many times have we discussed technology in our age?  The rise of video gaming?  The subsequent rise in childhood obesity?  The possible detrimental effects of standardized testing on originality and creativity?

This, like all discussions, could go on forever.  But in closing I’d just like to say that when I was younger, my mom made us read every night before we went to bed.  And I will never stop being grateful to her for instilling that value in me.  I’ll be doing the same for my kids, if anyone’s keeping track.


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