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I. Love. Christmas.

There’s just something about a holiday that involves a thousand different traditions, societal and familial (big-ish words anyone?), that’s so comforting. No matter what’s going on in life, come December (or October now, it seems), the red and green come out, the trees go up, and the mall gets so packed you seriously consider assuming the fetal position right in the middle of several too-tiny-to-move memorobilia-no-one-really-wants-but-it’s-christmas-so-its-the-thought-that-counts stores.  Mmmm, I’ll even take that, if it means family traditions and shiny new toys.  It even makes the cold bearable.

That said, a few things to impart on you all this holiday season:

(a) Hope your holidays are wonderful, no matter where you are.
(b) Don’t see 4 Christmases, it’s an awful excuse for a holiday movie.
(c) My family has an annual family euchre (it’s a card game) tournament.  Just thought I’d share that with the internet world.
(d) Be merry, because we all have a lot to be thankful for, even with things the way they are now.  🙂

Stay Christmas classy, world.  And Happy Holidays.


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Excuse this

Exes suck.  Suck suck suck suck suck.

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Wow, watch this.

Because I’m on a video-blogging roll…

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Snowflakes keep fallin’ on my….blog

Snow!  On my page!  Thanks wordpress!

That said, I’m not a Winter person.  Around this time of year, a few things generally happen like clock-work:  (a) I am caught completely and totally off-guard by the sudden on-set of biting cold, (b) I pitch inner fits pretty much daily when I am forced to leave any place of warmth, and (c) I get sick and lose my voice.

But what I AM, is a Holiday person.  Every night-time car ride is like a pleasant surprise — lights go up, trees get decorated….cue giddyness.  You know those people who ALWAYS complain about the holidays starting too early?  I say, let Walgreens put their Christmas aisle up as early as they’d like – we can all use a little more early cheer.  Not to mention hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

Got any good gift ideas? Take a second and post them for me….I need ideas and I’m curious as to who is reading this blog.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

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Gotta love it.

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It’s like he’s REAL!

Okay, let’s be honest:  I HAVE to comment on this Twilight business.  I read the first book, I saw the movie…so let’s have at it.

Point #1: Stephenie Meyer is not a very good writer.  I wish someone would acknowledge that.  Yes, she came up with a good plot.  Yes, she’s a much more successful woman than I.  But no, she is not J.K. Rowling.  Not. Even. Close.  Every moment this comes closer to Harry Potter insanity I almost heave.

Point #2: Edward Cullen isn’t real.  And the fact that young girls can’t understand that….disturbs me.

Point #3: Stick this right up there with my Nicholas Sparks assessment (two posts down).  There are fantasies that every woman has, and not only were they created by mass media — now it’s turning right around and preying on those created emotions.  Of course I left the theatre wishing some dark and brooding gorgeous male would sweep me off my feet with an insane amount of sexual tension.  Job well done, Stephenie Meyer, job well done.

/// Note:  the scene where Edward and the Native Americans pass each other in their cars and give each other the greatest stink eye of all time?  Makes the movie.

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No place like home, no place like home, no place like home.

I’m 1.5 hours from a 6-hr drive back home for the first time since July.  Naturally, it’s reflection time.

Something about home just lets you breathe easier.  It almost feels like there’s a better oxygen supply when I get back to my house for the first time.  And it’s not even that I grew up there – I didn’t.  Even in a home that I’ve never had my own room in is still a home, when it includes my family.  Insert home-cliche here (or just refer to the title of this post).

But really, having a home that makes you feel LESS stressful is worth counting your blessings about.  I know I might be in a minority, but for me, home is an escape from life.  No work, no pressing responsibility; just a catching up on all the home-ish stuff I haven’t done in months.  And by home-ish stuff, I mean going to see indie movies with my dad (who is usually restless after being severely movie-deprived by my theatre-hating mother), watching an entire season of (insert) tv season with my sister, and playing as many video games with my brother as I can stomach.  Not to mention home-cooked meals and shopping.

It’s a vacation to home, and I guess that’s my life, until I start a home of my own.  ‘Til then, I’m taking as many deep breaths as possible.

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