Life Crisis. [And admitted blog neglect.]

June 16, 2009 at 5:22 am Leave a comment

My life hasn’t even really started yet and I’m already having a crisis.  Do I really want to do what I’ve been working towards?  Can I really get a job doing this?  Is this really what I’m good at?  Am I really good at anything?  I don’t have any real skills!

Is the the usual reaction to the end of schooling?

Every hour is a twist and turn.  One minute, I’m encouraged.  The next, I’m distraught.  The next, I’m planning grad school choices.  The next, I’m well on my way to up and moving to New York.

It’s limbo.  And if it didn’t coincide with the word “broke” I guess maybe I’d be okay with it.

Maybe I should write a book?  But what would it be about?  Am I even a good writer?  Would anyone listen to anything I said?  Probably not.

Another tangent.

My life is a series of tangents, unanswered emails, and pangs of regret before I’m even old enough to regret anything.  Perhaps that’s why this blog has become devoid.  Or maybe it’s just the other two blogs I’ve started recently.

I’ll figure it out.  I’ll figure it out?  I’ll figure it out!


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