No place like home, no place like home, no place like home.

November 22, 2008 at 4:30 pm Leave a comment

I’m 1.5 hours from a 6-hr drive back home for the first time since July.  Naturally, it’s reflection time.

Something about home just lets you breathe easier.  It almost feels like there’s a better oxygen supply when I get back to my house for the first time.  And it’s not even that I grew up there – I didn’t.  Even in a home that I’ve never had my own room in is still a home, when it includes my family.  Insert home-cliche here (or just refer to the title of this post).

But really, having a home that makes you feel LESS stressful is worth counting your blessings about.  I know I might be in a minority, but for me, home is an escape from life.  No work, no pressing responsibility; just a catching up on all the home-ish stuff I haven’t done in months.  And by home-ish stuff, I mean going to see indie movies with my dad (who is usually restless after being severely movie-deprived by my theatre-hating mother), watching an entire season of (insert) tv season with my sister, and playing as many video games with my brother as I can stomach.  Not to mention home-cooked meals and shopping.

It’s a vacation to home, and I guess that’s my life, until I start a home of my own.  ‘Til then, I’m taking as many deep breaths as possible.


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