Self-internet Love

September 22, 2008 at 3:45 am Leave a comment

Okay, thanks to my roommate – who is entirely too good at addicting me to things I should not be addicted to – I’m now on twitter.  Jillshinkski, look me up and twitter-friend me…or whatever the correct terminology is for that. 

So if you don’t know what this twitter business is, basically the entire premise is you update on ‘what you’re doing.’  That’s it.  For instance, I could update ‘Jillshinski work’  or even ‘Jillshinkski is..gettin it on with a hot Australian model.’  Anything, apparently.  I’ve recently discovered the ability to twitter news sources, and thus get hour-by-hour updates on headlines, it’s rather handy…perhaps, I haven’t fully explored yet.

Anyways so, since I can’t seem to leave a post alone without posing a deep-thinking, philisophical question…Is all this internet business (updating your life minute-to-minute, for instance) making us even more self-absorbed? 

Uh, definitely, if you ask me.


p.s.  Jillshinkski is currently updating her blog with deep relevancies.


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‘If you text it / I’ll delete it’ Angst, as taken out on the book world

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