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Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
By: David Sedaris

In a world where everything can be neatly categorized in one place or another, David Sedaris forms his own little niche. His essays, despite being each a separate story in no straight-forward order or timing, fit nicely into what becomes an ever-growing understanding of his life and personality. So much so, that you find yourself becoming attached, not only to the author, but to the real-life characters he deftly molds into people you feel like you could run into at the grocery store. This attachment creates the somewhat peculiar reaction you have when stumbling upon almost off-handed references to major life changes. The first time you learn that Sedaris’s mother has passed away, for instance, is half-way through the book, merely by a mention of her funeral amidst a completely unrelated story – I actually stopped reading for a few minutes in reverence.

Each essay has a way of starting and ending in the same place. A realization, generalization, or observation made within the first few lines often has a way of summarizing itself in the last line of each chapter. This gives Sedaris’s thoughts the feel of a journal or blog post, In a way that doesn’t make any excuses or apologies. Each turn contains a delve into the many intricacies and inner-workings of the author’s mind. He might feel a bit of remorse for turning his family’s lives into common knowledge, but admits his lack of intention to change outright. Changing, after all, would make it all so obsolete. And obsolete, David Sedaris is not.


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