Who am I? Why, the Princess of Poop, that’s who.

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Quick article summary (although you should read it – learning is fun!):
As a result of the caste-system’s remnants in India, there are many people who are to this day labeled ‘untouchables,’ doing jobs as dire and revolting as cleaning the non-flushing toilets (holes in the ground, rather) full of high-class people’s business. One Indian man has made it his goal to help women in this condition, and the article profiles one particular woman who, on a recent trip to New York, was honored by the United Nations as the ‘Princess of Sanitation Workers.’

Note: The UN has dubbed 2008 as the Year of Sanitation, in order to raise awareness for proper sanitation.

My deal:
Okay, don’t get me wrong here. I’m all about helping the less fortunate, especially in the dire conditions many people in India find themselves unable to rise out of. However, I hardly think parading around a bunch of lower-class Indian women in New York is helping anyone.

‘Princess of Sanitation Workers,’ United Nations? The woman no doubt struggled on her own to learn to read and write, raise herself out of a life of cleaning up other people’s shit, and still support her children. And you name her a ‘Princess?’ Of shit? I can’t even handle how demeaning that is. Give her a real title for God’s sake, and maybe even (Gasp!) a real position in which she can help other people in her former situation and do some good for all those people you’re clearly not doing anything but giving irrelevant titles to. Thanks.

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